Tales of Code, Packets and Programming


08 Apr 2016

Welcome to my blog. I'm Robin Redeker, a software developer from Germany and I want to share a few thoughts with you. Thoughts about my projects, other projects, programming in general and mostly all topics that are of interest to me.

At the time of this writing I use jekyll for generating this site. I'm not really fond of Ruby (the language that it is written in), but the tool and it's modules are easily installable using apt-get install jekyll. It gets the job well done and provides integration of a syntax highlighter, which is a central part in a blog about programming for me.

As Template for this Blog I used the MIT Licensed Jekyll Theme White Paper from http://jekyllthemes.org. Thanks go to Vinit Kumar for this excellent, lean and clean template.

The articles are written using VIM and Markdown. I like to stay independent of proprietary or specific formats. With Markdown I can write my own blog generator sometime in the future or change to another one if jekyll is outdated.